How to Promote Blog in 5 Different Ways

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Now a Days creating Blogs and Website is just a work one click away, Many of us creates blog to share some experience or just having some fun. But after creating a Blog the First word comes to our mind is that How to Gather Traffic on the Website or “How to Get Traffic on Blog through Promotion?” Its not that easy to get Traffic like chat with a stranger. But if you work hard for it you may easily get it if your content is Niche and useful. There are many Paid ways that can get you Traffic to your website like “GOOGLE ADSENSE” but only few bloggers want to pay money for traffic and all others want to get it for free.

So Today i m gonna explain you that How you can Get Traffic to your blog using 5 Different ways of Promotion.

1. Search Engine Optimization:

Basically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about Optimizing your Blog to get a good listing in Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization is the first and the most important way of promotion which can get you good Reliable Traffic through Search Engines. Billions of People all over the world uses Search Engines Daily. So if your Blogs content is good you will be getting Traffic easily. You can Optimize your Blog for Search Engine by writing Good usable content, Usage of good Keywords, Backlinks, Getting what the reader wants and many things else. Once your Blog or Website is Optimized you will be getting good traffic from the Search Engines alone without any other types of Promotion.

2. BlogRoll

The Another way of Blog Promotion is Doing Blogroll on your Blog, Blogroll is also known as link Exchange, Blogroll is not only useful for increasing traffic but it is also useful for your blogs Search Engine Optimization. If your link is visible on Blogs that are getting high traffic you also will be getting good traffic from the website as well as your Blog will be ranked high in the Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. More Blogroll will get you more Traffic.

3. Social Marketing:

When we here Social Marketing, the first thing comes to our mind is we have to do online marketing by paying some amount. Social Marketing is also a Off-page search engine optimization. But it is completely Different from SEO. The Meaning of Social Marketing is to Market your Blog or Your Website on the Social Networking sites Like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. You can easily create Communities on these Networking sites and your gather Friends from around the world and Promote your Blog, in Facebook you can create a Fanpage for your Blog, in Orkut you can easily advertise your Blog Address in many communities for free. I Personally Recommend using Orkut Communities to get good traffic to your Blog.

4. Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is to submit your Blog Articles to the Social Sharing websites. There are tons of Social websites on the Internet. Which can Provide this type of service. You just have to write article on your blog and then submit that article to the Social Website. You can get many Readers from Social Bookmarking if your content is good to read. There are many social Sites but here is a List of the Best One:
5. Article Submission:

The Last and the tough way to promote your blog, (Proves Helpful in long run) is Article Submission. to promote your Blog you can submit Article Relating to your Knowledge or your Blog. You can also submit article to the website which supports Guest Writing (which means anybody can write the article on the website) you can write article about your website and submit it to the Article Directories which are available for free on the internet.

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