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D & D Dice

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is the original role playing game. It’s been insanely popular since its inception back in 1974 and remains so to this day. One of the best RPGs around it has featured on popular TV shows like Stranger Things and Big Bang Theory.

The game is different every time you play it, with the dungeon master setting the story line. You’ll choose the hero you’ll play and customise all of their abilities and powers. Then you’ll set off on your quest, but whether you’ll be successful or not will be determined by your choices and some luck.

The luck element comes in through the roll of the dice. Each decision or challenge faced you’ll have to roll dice, if it comes in your favour you’ll be successful, if not there may be consequences. D&D doesn’t have many pieces to it, but dice have remained integral to how the game works and that’s why finding the right dice set is important.


D&D Dice

There have been a large number of different variations on Dungeons and Dragons released over the years. While the design of dice you get with the pack has been upgraded, the dice themselves haven’t changed. The dice you get with the game are still:

• D4 – Thе Cаltrор is the 4 sided Dice. It will alway lаndѕ wіth thе роіnt face uр and has numbers 1 to 4 on it.

• D6 – The 6 sided dice used in most standard games. It has numbers 1-6 on it.

• D8 – The 8 sided dice is important for many different strategies and comes into play at different parts of the game.

• D10 – A dice with 10 sides which is used a lot in the game. It’s also used in combination with other dice to decide other factors in the game. There is also a special variation of this dice included in the pack known as percentile dice.

• D12 – The 12 sided dice isn’t used as often in Dungeons and Dragons but is used in some situations. It’s essential for a few strategies and it’s also used in other RPGs.

• D20 – The 20 sided dice is probably the most well known of the D&D set. It’s used most often during gameplay and will determine attacks used by players. It will have a significant impact on the strategies used.

Each of these dice have different strategic uses and as you play the game and learn the rules you’ll find out more. It’s essential to have the different styles and shapes of dice so you can fully experience the game.


Special D&D Dice Sets

A lot of players choose to go for sets beyond the standard dice included in the box. There are a lot of different styles being produced with unique graphics and artwork. Designing specialised dice has been going on for thousands of years and enhances the gaming experience. The graphics on the dice vary from artwork inspired by stories or futuristic designs.

D&D is a really immersive game and dice are crucial to how it plays out. By investing in some specialised dice you’ll have something more individual and it’ll make playing even more fun.


Choosing your D&D Dice Set

There’s never been a better time to get started with Dungeons and Dragons. It’s more popular than ever and a really fun experience for all players. Get started today with some uniquely designed dice that look incredible.
D&D Dice Set

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