Preparing children for life's horizons



About Thornlow

Thornlow Preparatory School is a homely, down to earth independent school for 80 boys and girls aged 3-13. There is no academic hurdle to entry: we are non-selective.

We have long been proud of our strong local reputation as a school in which every member is valued, respected and supported.

Our mission is to prepare children for life’s horizons by building confidence and enabling them to discover all their talents.


Thornlow Preparatory School aims to offer a happy and secure environment which is educationally stimulating. Run on Christian principles, the school aims to foster in every pupil a sense of confidence and self worth. The school sets out to excite and extend the intellect and interest of each pupil, whatever their strengths and weaknesses, and build their confidence and self esteem in all areas. Pupils are encouraged to feel part of the school family and to understand that every member should be valued, respected and supported.


Class sizes are small and never exceed 15. Each child receives a degree of individual attention which enables them to work at their own pace. For some there are extension activities and for others reinforcement activities.

Our teachers are highly qualified specialists.

We teach the National Curriculum and augment it by teaching dance, drama and electronics. Science is strong, as is IT. Every child learns French from age 3.

Academically, we stretch our children but we never stress them. Thornlow children are normally a year ahead of the National Curriculum and they start working towards GCSE in Year 8. Their results easily outstrip national averages at ages 7 and 11.

Special educational needs are expertly addressed by specialist staff.

The Thornlow way

Here at Thornlow we believe that learning has got to be fun – an experience which makes a child want to keep coming back for more. That’s why it is our philosophy that:

  • curiosity can thrive only where there is encouragement
  • appetite where there is inspiration
  • self-belief where effort is praised 

At Thornlow, your child will learn new and marvellous things every day. We aim to make the classroom a place of energy and excitement where children celebrate their achievements.

The three vital ingredients are trust, affection and laughter.


We believe that sport and creative activities enable children to express their unique personality and talents in marvellous ways.

Children at Thornlow enjoy a wide range of sporting opportunities. We play sport on three afternoons a week. Every child who wants can play in a school team. In sailing, Thornlow enjoys a national reputation for excellence.

Art, music, drama and sport all play an important part in the life of our school. We value them for their own sake and also for the effect they have on self esteem and performance in the classroom. We put on plays. Almost every child learns a musical instrument. We have a sea shanty choir, the Lobster Pot Rebels, who perform publicly. It is the only choir of its kind in the country.

Superb behaviour

We go out of our way to make your child feel at home and among friends the moment he or she arrives. You, too.

At Thornlow we believe that quality of character matters most. Warmth. Kindness. Courtesy. The utmost respect for others.

We want your child to discover that other children are different, and that it is on these differences that friendships are built.

Discipline here is firm. It is also fair. Our standards are high and everyone knows what they are. This is a safe place.

Partnership with parents

We are always here for you and you can always contact us. We want you to share in the life of our school and play as active a part as you wish in this precious stage of your child’s education.

Best value

We constantly strive, through expert business management and superb teaching, to offer you the best possible value for money.