Preparing children for life's horizons



Learning at Thornlow

A personalised programme

Everyone learns differently. Thornlow’s small class sizes mean that our teachers can teach every child in the way they learn best – and at their own pace. It’s important that nothing is missed.

Learning how to learn

- Learning can only be effective if we have first learned how to learn

- Learning how to learn means acquiring good habits

- Habits of hard work – with homework for all in Reception and above

At Thornlow we want your child to learn that we can only discover our talents, and make the most of them, through patience and perseverance.

Well, nothing’s any fun if it’s a pushover!

Laying the foundations

Learning must be built on firm foundations:

- Reading, writing, spelling and grammar

- Mathematics

We attach the highest importance to establishing these essential skills.

Hands on

Learning at Thornlow is not all about sitting at a desk.

There is investigative and cross-curricular work.

There are regular day trips where the children can see for themselves what they have learned in school.

Visiting speakers come to us and tell us about the world outside.

It’s a partnership with you

You can discuss your child’s progress with teachers any time you want and as often as you want in person, by phone or email. We are always here for you.

In addition, you will get a written report every term.

Read our latest inspection report to find out more.