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Head-Boy & Head-Girl

Head-boy and Head-girl elections are held and deputy positions are also awarded.

2013-14 Appointments:

Head Boy: Joseph Frazier

Head Girl: Ruby Staple

Deputy Head Boy: Thomas Hinde

Deputy Head Girl:  Felicity Bennett

Welcome Words from Our Pupil Representatives

"My involvement at Thornlow has been astonishing! I have been at the school right since I was four years old. I feel it has given me the confidence along with assurance in order for me to have a tremendous start to my life!"
Joseph Frazier, Head Boy

"My school might be small but big with friendships.  There is something that we all like to do and enjoy.  We get to go sailing, swimming every week.  All the teachers are friendly.  We get a fair amount of homework and being Head Girl is a cherry on the top for me."
Ruby Staple, Head Girl 

"I joined Thornlow two and a half years ago and it has been excellent. The extra things that we do here are great. We are doing sailing every week, learning Mandarin and Spanish and we do swimming every week as well. The expected standards of the work are very high. I think Thornlow is amazing, and I think I have made extraordinary progress."
Thomas Hinde, Deputy Head Boy

"My experience at Thornlow has been AMAZING so far because I've had all the people I need to support me - teachers, family and most importantly my friends.  Thornlow has encouraged me to learn and help and have fun - and now that I'm Deputy Head Girl I will try my best to give back what they wanted all along - success. It will be coming up 7 years since I started Thornlow and I hope it goes on forever."
Felicity Bennett, Deputy Head-girl