Preparing children for life's horizons




The study of drama teaches us about ourselves, and helps us to make sense of other people.


Drama is about listening to each other, thinking creatively, sharing ideas and making things happen.

Being in a play teaches teamwork and our recent performance of "Lord of the Flies" demonstrated how exceptionally Thornlow pupils work together. Nothing boosts confidence like performing in front of an audience of friends.

And the ability to stand up and speak in public is a very valuable life skill!

  • Year 1-4 perform today, in another wonderful all singing and dancing Mrs Stanton Production! "Humpty Dumpty!" is a Courtroom Drama for Nursery Rhyme Characters.

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  • Prepare to be astounded this week when Thornlow pupils put on a captivating drama adaptation of "The Chronicles of Narnia - Beyond the Wardrobe". Pupils not only shine on the stage but also behind the scenes; they have delivered everything from stage props to lighting and technical composition. Our pupil director is also of Hollywood calibre!

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  • We were all captivated by our annual Spring into Life event in school today. All pupils from Nursery to Year 8 were involved in another wonderful event of drama by The Saltmine Theatre Company.

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  • This year's Christmas Nativity, performed during our End of Term Service, was exceptional. All Thornlow pupils were involved in the delivery of an outstanding performance of music and drama held at St Johns Church, Weymouth.

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  • Year 1 to 4 have had a brilliant time preparing the musical "Maui Catches the Sun". Well done all pupils in Years 1 to 4 and Mrs Stanton for putting so much energy and enthusiasm into the delivery of an exceptional drama production.

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  • A star studded cast of Thornlow pupils did deservedly good justice to William Golding's Lord of the Flies adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams. The plot was eagerly accepted by an enthusiastic cast who empathised completely with the characters.

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