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Geography teaches children about their physical environment and develops in them a sense of responsibility for the earth and all living things.


Our brilliant geographical location gives us easy access to sites of special interest, enabling our children to enrich what they have learned in the classroom by going out on frequent field studies. They learn how to read maps, measure, sketch, collect and analyse data, draw conclusions and present their findings. The methods involved benefit their Mathematics, English and Art.

Field work is critical to ensure learning, which is why we ensure inspiring Geography field trips are a core element of our geography curriculum.

History and Religious Education also form part of our Humanities department.

  • Year 7&8 have been working hard during their recent Geography Field Work Trips to Ringstead Beach, Dorset. Year 7 pupils were looking at beach characteristics and Year 8 were looking at the diversity of flora and fauna in 3 unique habitats.

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  • "Yr 5&6 were given a guided tour of a working quarry by a past Head Boy of Thornlow", written by William, Year 6

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  • On the 19th of May 2014, Year 5 and 6 went on a field trip to Ringmoor Hill...As we started our walk we climbed up a hill then walked on a relatively flat path...We all wondered where their water source was. There was lot of food but no water in sight, so we kept walking along...

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