Preparing children for life's horizons




Thornlow pupils study the following languages: EnglishSpanish and FrenchAll 3 languages are timetabled into the curriculum and are taught by specialist language teachers. We have also studied Mandarin.

To enhance learning, our incredibly strong links with Spain provide exchange opportunities.  Many of our boarding students are also Spanish therefore the spoken language is not only heard in the classroom but throughout the school - all day, every day.  Thornlow arrange day trips to France every 2 years therefore the opportunity to speak French is similarly inspired.

We aim to prepare our children for life’s horizons and we believe that the ability to speak the “4 Core” languages, will, in the future, open many business opportunities for our pupils. 

20% of the world’s population speak Mandarin as their first language
11% of the world’s population speak English as their first language
6% of the world’s population speak Spanish as their first language
3% of the world’s population speak French as their first language

Combined with Russian and Arabic the “Core 4” are the main languages of The United Nations.  Thornlow is providing opportunities for pupils to enhance their learning on an international platform.

  • "Following our trip to Longleat on Monday, the focus for the rest of the week has been on African Animals. In Spanish, pupils have been looking at literature for young children, and have designed their own African animal based books entirely in Spanish. They used some well-known children's books as inspiration for their designs."

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  • Spring Term 2014 will see Thornlow launch the 1000 words challenge as part of the National Campaign for languages ‘Speak to the Future.’

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  • "In English class we used Reading eggs. In this computer program we have to win Golden Eggs by doing English exercises. It's so exciting and fun and you learn a lot! I love it and it's so good for learning English." Juan

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  • Last week Years 7 and 8 set sail to the picturesque port of Roscoff in Brittany to immerse themselves in the French culture and practise their language skills on the natives.

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  • Our unique over-night excursion to France provides a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to embrace the French culture and practise the French they have learnt in the classroom!

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